Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A lazy yet fun video trailer

Welcome to my lazy October. After working every available waking hour on Second Life-related projects last month, it's time to relax and renew. So I'm cutting down to just two or three short-and-sweet posts per week until November while I plan the obsessive-compulsive-work-myself-to-death projects that will round out the year. Anyway, on to today's post:

I fell in love last week with with City of Dust, a new comic from Radical Comics by Steve Niles and Zid. The art is amazing and non-traditional. It inspired me to imagine taking Second Life images in a new direction. I've started playing around a bit already. There's a City of Dust video trailer on the site linked above (no obvious direct link to the video) that gives a fair taste of the style. But buy the comic!

I was moved to upload some of the images from the Night vs. Human Comic to Animoto and create my own short trailer. And before you start asking what happened to this month's commitment to extreme sloth, it took me all of fifteen minutes to create the video. Ah, time for a nap!!! See you soon?

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