Thursday, September 18, 2008

Morphing all night long

I was up late, late again to finish the morphing part of the Dale-to-Dale Video, using Fantamorph. I have a lot to learn about morphing techniques, especially for tough sections such as Dale's left eye area that starts with glasses in the male avatar and ends being covered by hair in the female image. I cheated on it a little due to time constraints and did kind of a cross between a fade and a morph. Ideally, I would have gone into Photoshop and either morphed in multiple layers, or cleaned up the multiple frames one at a time. Here's an example of the orginal male avatar and a frame about halfway through the change.

morphic example

This morning, I imported the series of still images from Fanatmorph into Motion so the video can include some camera moves. A first draft is about a third of the way through rendering after an hour of processing. It's taking so long because I started with very high resolution images so I could zoom around without artifacts. We'll see.

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Dale Innis said...

Woot, what fun! Continuing delight at being your subject for this. :)