Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Teaser frame from Night vs. Human comic

night vs. human teaser

In my previous comics, the human world was created in Frameforge, a visualization program for film and video storyboarding, while the virtual world was depicted in Second Life. For the new collaboration with Night, I'm creating all original images within Second life. The frame above is from an initial test shot.

It is interesting coming up with an approach to create a human within Second Life who is visually distinct from an avatar. Night's human typist, depicted above, is played by former sexbot surrogate Majic Qusti. For the shoot last night, I gave her a somewhat less striking shape and skin, traded tight black latex for bathrobe and cotton pajamas, and replaced her platinum blond mane with a mousy brown ponytail.

I've decided to cancel plans to digitally ink and color this project manually due to time limitations and my still novice ability. Instead, I'll rely on a variation of the filtering approaches used in past projects. If all goes well, the first 2 of the planned 4 pages will out by next week.


Dale Innis said...

Looking forward to it!

I had the same challenge in the pic accompanying Meaties: I wanted to use SL to generate a picture explicity not set in a virtual world. I made Vystar's "RL" form somewhat pudgy, with uninteresting system hair, drab simple clothes, standing in a low-contrast room (whereas the tiny bit of VW screen showing in the shot is colorful and saturated). Not that that's necessarily my picture of RL vs SL in general :) but that's what fit this story.

Seemed to work pretty well; at least no one's expressed confusion at the picture. I admire you for doing the same thing with an entire comic, rather than a single screenshot to accompany narrative...

Botgirl Questi said...

Thanks Dale. That was my approach as you'll see in the post today. It's interesting to try to look at humans as avatars and see what they are representing to the world, in dress, posture, style, etc.