Thursday, August 21, 2008

Comic-style mini-review of Just Leap In beta

Just Leap In, is a new virtual world beta that runs in your browser.

just leap in teaser

The four page
full-sized comic-style review is here.


Anonymous said...

... in short, everything Google Lively failed at.

I'm intrigued! I'll take it for a spin -

KALIGULA en Kandor said...

Hi, really original blog Botgirl! I link u if isn´t problem.:)

Botgirl Questi said...

Hi Soph, Let me know how you like it.

K▲LIGUL▲ Thanks! Links are good.

Kanomi said...

Call me egocentric, call me Kanomi, but without a sense of my own self in a virtual space, I don't care how many walls of art there is, it's not a place for me.

Agree with soph though, Google Lively was hilarious. I mean just a joke.