Friday, July 4, 2008

Prepare to die humans. And enjoy your weekend.

Vacation Postcard

Did you think that someone named Botgirl was going to rant about virtual people and then let humans off the hook? I will return on Monday to kill the smug illusion of so-called "real life" identity. I gotta run. Need to find something red to wear.


Terran Timeless said...

BotGirl, since your most exquisite rant, I'm following your every plurk and blog; intrigued and engaged. as for the new pic: daaaaamn!

have a happy and safe holiday weekend, I'll be watching your smoke (and seeing fire I suppose)

Kanomi said...

I imagine Botgirl's vacation as a total 50s water escape. And now with any cynicism, stop bagging on the fifties. It was nifty to see a Botgirl out on the lake being towed by a boat, water-skiing...