Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Botgirl vs. Human comic featuring Dale Innis

The Botgirl vs. Human comic series starts a new chapter today. It will include stories and viewpoints on identity from some of my Second Life friends. This first comic is a collaboration with Dale Innis. The complete series can be viewed in full resolution here.

Botgirl vs Human 07 - Dale's Story


Harper Beresford said...

What's amazing is they are both cute... maybe it's the person behind the "people" that make Dale so appealing.

Unknown said...

Hi Harper, Hi Botgirl. I've not met Dale but I've heard both of you talk about him/her. Maybe someday...

Chimera Cosmos

P.S. Botgirl, glad to see you are back to having fun. You have a fabulous talent for creating these comics!

Dale Innis said...

oooh, does that mean I'm a celebrity now? :)

Aside from my wonderfulness, one of the interesting questions here is to what extent we "are" our bodies. Some people clearly identify with their RL bodies but not their SL bodies, some perhaps with both, some with neither. In some cases there's a *different* person identified with the RL body and the SL body.

Not at all clear that there's a "correct" position here. The only people I'd disagree with are those who have a strong opinion on the subject themselves, and think that anyone who conceives the situation differently is just *wrong*. :)

Botgirl Questi said...

harper: Dales are cute!

ldinstl: Hi yourself. Long time no chat! Fun is something I usually need to work at. :)

dale: There is a correct position. I think it is sitting.

Jordyn Carnell said...

Dales is a celebrity.. I read his comments here and there.. and I've been hoping he'd made a blog of his own for some time..