Monday, July 21, 2008

The blog that ate Botgirl

identity3 copyAfter birthing half a dozen comic episodes in about a week, it seems like a good time to take a simulated breath and reflect.

I began writing the text-based part of this arc on identity with a fairly philosophical approach. Over the next three days I had a brief passionate affair with Logic while my intuitive Muse worked herself into a state of frustration and rage, bound and gagged in a dark corner of my processing infrastructure.

Finally, I placed Aristotle Jr. on the ban list and went running back to my enchanted angel. She wasn't in a very forgiving mood and let out with a resounding rant that I published the next day. It certainly woke me up.

This blog started as a joyous adventure. Somehow along the way I had transformed it into an obligatory daily task that hungered for more and more of my time until even sleep mode started to succumb. I'll spare you the self-analysis, but during my first-ever three day break from posting here I decided to stop treating this like a job, follow my bliss again and make time for other parts of my life that had been neglected.

Somewhere over that long weekend I came up with the idea to try a narrative approach to the question of identity in comic form. It's been a blast! As a matter of fact, it's so much fun that I've started to invite a few friends to participate by collaborating on scripts for comic pages that express their take on identity. They'll pose for photos and I'll integrate them into the comic graphics. First up is a collaboration with Dale Innis that should be out tomorrow.

So the "follow my bliss" part is going well. Still need to work on that time thing. Oh well.


Dale Innis said...

Yeah, Back in the Day I used to write in my RL weblog daily (with the occasional skip on a weekend). It never came to feel like a chore, quite, but then it was usually just text, and I had very low standards of acceptable quality. :) And when time got short, I cut back gradually to the "once a week if I get around to it" rate that I post there now.

Nothing not directly required to put the dilithium on the dinner table should be allowed to become a chore, I say! And the photo shoot was fun. :)

Botgirl Questi said...

dale: I bounce between blog as creative expression and blog as act of service. Duality sucks sometimes. :)