Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Introducing a newly revealed member of the Pantheon of Second Life

Bodhisattva of Lag
Lagachakra is the Bodhisattva of Avatarian Patience. When trouble strikes, simply repeat her mantra and you will find peace:
Lahga Crahsha Bodhi Om
This morning at the Future of Religions conference in Extropia, Zoe Connolly and I decided that Second Life needs some patron saints to help us through lagging, crashing, griefing and other virtual challenges. I had a miraculous vision and this new member of the pantheon of Second Life appeared to me. Here's the conversation that got the ball rolling:

Zoe: Lagitha
Botgirl: Her christian aspect
Botgirl: In Hindusism she is known a lagthsme
Zoe: Lagifima
Botgirl: In Judaism Lagabubbie
Zoe: lol
Zoe: Lagaya Zelmonova (Russian Orthodox)
Botgirl: good one!
Botgirl: There's a blog post here with some associated graphics
Botgirl: the religious pantheon of SL
Zoe: indeed!
Zoe: Laggy McSims (Irish Catholic)
Botgirl: ha
Botgirl: Swami Lagannanda
Zoe: laughs
Botgirl: And of course their sacred text
Botgirl: The Book of Lagmentation
Zoe: Oh yes!


Anonymous said...

Philippine animism: Lagaon, the goddess of angry Second Lifers. Her attributes are fiery crashes, angry blog posts and protests against Linden Labs. She lives on the mountain Lagya-as on the island of Abatar.

Botgirl Questi said...

I wonder about the origin of actual religious archetypal beings. My guess is that they were brought to physical life through non-ordinary states of consciousness.