Monday, May 26, 2008

Book Alert! Virtual Identities: The Construction of Selves in Cyberspace

Be the first on your virtual block to read the forthcoming Virtual Identities: The Construction of Selves in Cyberspace edited by Caroline Maun & Laura Corrunker.
"Each essay in Virtual Identities explores a different facet of online identities: those personae adapted, imposed, or suggested by computer games, email, chat rooms, blogs, instant messaging software, or other online sites. With great clarity and originality they examine the opportunities, fluidity and problematics of the brave new world of virtual identity creation" —Anthony Flinn, Eastern Washington University
It's due to be released later this month and includes quite a few intriguing chapter titles:
  • The Computer as Dollhouse, or, The Seriousness of Virtual Play by Tobey Crockett
  • Virtual Worlds, Virtual Selves: Gender and Identity in World of Warcraft byErica Conley
  • Actors or Avatars? The Theatrical Model for Virtual Reality by Charles Mitchell
  • Retexting Experience: The Internet, Materiality, and the Self by Burt Kimmelman
  • Just One Big Slumber Party on the Net: The Chickclick as E-Forum by Christine Tulley
  • A Plea for Our Future: Language, Technology, and the Masculine Lens by Claudia Herbst
  • Fantasies of Containment: Archiving Moments in Cyber- & Real Life by Katherine Harris
  • Inflexible Identities? User Metaphors in On- and Offline Discourses by Maren Hartmann
  • Agent of Civility: The Librarian in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash by Tim Blackmore
  • The Waste Land in, Not of, the MOO: A Case Study by David Barndollar

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Vidal Tripsa said...

"Computer as Dollhouse", eh? I'm in!