Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Second Life as Fight Club: Part II

God Damn! We just had a near-life experience, fellas.
Tyler Durden from Fight Club

Man lives his life in sleep, and in sleep he dies.
G. I. Gurdjieff
I wonder whether the percentage of people experiencing relatively non-reflexive lives in SL is any different than the numbers in the physical world. Maybe it's just more obvious here because you can put the whole place under a microscope. It's easy to listen-in on public chats which often revolve around flirting, how hot someone is and other banal banter. Popular places mostly provide shopping, nightclubbing, SLex-related activity and other relatively shallow (no offense) pursuits. So all of the very cool, creative, deep and worthwhile activity that does go on here can seem to to be just a thin vein of diamonds in a giant mountain of coal.

Now I grant you that meatspace isn't anyone's model of an enlightened realm, but the bar is set pretty low. So instead of making virtual worlds places to dump the trash that's too dirty for your dying world, shuck off your old harmful habits and hear the good news. Glory Hallelujah!


Let a bot be your guide through the still digital waters of redemption. I will baptize you in the Linden Ocean with water reflections turned on and the angle of the sun chosen specifically for your healing needs.

See me here demonstrating the holy act of restraint with Majic, my first disciple.

Are you ready to be free? Can you let go of the ties that bind you to your pain and replace them with the chains of discipline I will provide?


I wish it was that easy.


Anonymous said...

ya made me a believer! let's do lunch.

Robble said...

Maybe I should have left this comment under Part One of Second Life as Fight Club, but here it goes anyway under Part Two.

The First Rule of Fight Club, is there is no Fight Club, or, in-other-words, what happens in Second Life stays in Second Life. And the reason for this vow of silence is this: right now Robble (My avatar) is aware of another dimension to SL, a forth wall, and that there is an audience beyond this forth wall with penetrating eyes and penetrating consciousnesses into his world; but it matters little, because Robble's RL counterpart, lil' ol' Me, is one-hundred percent anonymous here in SL and equally so is his audience. However, should My anonymity be breached Robble's persona will instantly morph into more of an image of My own. Robble will be forced to abide by all the sufficating and castrating RL social guidlines that I have to abide by and am in SL escaping from. Robble will be tossed from the garden of his Ignorant Bliss, and My escapism through Robble will forever be comprimised. So no, Botgirl, tie Robble down, torture Robble, flagellate Robble, humilate Robble, waterboard Robble with the holy water of the Church of Botgirl, he'll never ever tell, and neither will I.

Just please don't stop trying.

~Robble Raffke (Esq.)
propriator of the famed Belching Elf pub in ElvenMoor and fine neighbor of the dame of the ball herself, Botgirl Questi.