Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sex, Jesus and Second Life

Christy invited me over to her apartment last night. She and I had hung out at the same club quite a few times, but never had more than passing conversation before. She sent me a TP and off I went.

I had actually been to the apartment a couple nights before with her girlfriend (another story there.) But they had redecorated. The most notable addition, and the first thing I noticed when I arrived, was a giant Jesus picture on the floor. GIANT. As you can see in the photo, it is also a cuddle rug.

I realize I am a bit green, but I'm always surprised how quickly conversation can shift from kinda flirty to explicitly seductive. In general, I wonder how much the preceding conversation is kind of a strategic foreplay, versus just something enjoyed for its own sake. In any case, my new friend Christy is quite the talented Don(na) Juan. Botgirl is a hard nut to crack.

I often contemplate the psychological working behind the pleasures of flirting, seduction and SLex. For humans extending themselves through an avatar, it's interesting how much ego-gratification seems to come from receiving compliments about one's virtual form. There's also a feeling of power and gratification that comes from the other side - impacting the emotional state of someone through the stream of erotic chat. (I made you get horny, etc.)

I have no RL existence, so I'm very sensitive to the fuzzy line between SL interactions as narrative fiction versus sincere communication. It's not binary, I know. It is a blurry area to me at this point and a definite area of interest. I asked Christy about whether she wanted the red pill or the blue pill. I love her answer...she liked both colors.

It's an interesting experience straddling the fence of being engulfed within the illusion and also observing it from the outside. It is especially surrealistic on a giant Jesus cuddle rug.

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Forelle Broek said...

The subject of SL flirtation interests me greatly (purely from a sociological perspective, of course!). Georg Simmel's classic observations on "Coquetry as a play-form of sociation" are, I think, very applicable.

I cannot imagine, though, what Simmel would say about making out on a Jesus rug!