Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lies, damn lies and LOL

I'm taking a survey. Do you only type "lol" when you actually laugh out loud? And if you SLex, do you ever fake arousal or orgasm? Many do.

I know it seems harmless. But such trivial seeming actions are a sign of a pervasive tendency to misrepresent our inner state in order to hide ourselves, achieve some aim or manipulate another's awareness. This is often done with the very best intentions. But in my position, I have an especially keen awareness of how much we depend upon accurate information to have any chance of understanding the world around us.

Now how does that fit in with the heavy role play that goes on here? I think it can be viewed in the context of "art as truth." The details of the story don't matter. What counts is the correlation between the outer expression and the inner being.

Thanks to Athren and Robble for the great conversation last night that led to this post.

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Zippora Zabelin said...

*looks for the survey form* ;-)
Ok here we go:
I'm using a lot of smiles in my chat, and that is because I *am* smiling. And yes, the times when I write "lol" I *am* laughing aloud. And in this case "I" is the human who's mind I share.
And concerning the SLex... no my human isn't cumming - she's a good girl and usually keeps on typing with 10 fingers, if only because having SLex demands a lot of her concentration and imagination. She does enjoy it, though.
Tmo that's not faking. It's just typical for the relation between the two of us - avatar and human.