Friday, March 28, 2008

"Camping In Second Life" video

Paying avatars to loiter: Cool earning opportunity or greedy business practice that hurts the community?

Higher resolution version available for download here

Full song "Camping Incognito" by Just Plan Bill available here.


Kanomi said...

That is a great video! I support the boycott since I avoid those malls full of campers anyway. I find them kind of creepy and I hate them staring at me with their lifeless, dead eyes when I shop! :o

Harper Beresford said...

The vast majority of smart businesspeople don't rent from places with lots of campers either. I rent a lot of spaces in malls on SL, and I know that malls with campers have an inflated traffic count, and I will not rent there because, frankly, the sales never come through.

Unfortunately, it's a Catch-22 for malls that want to generate real traffic--they can't do so without getting their ad pushed up in the classifieds unless they get a lot of prepublicity (ie, Armidi). Also, for new members who come into SL thinking they can play without buying Linden, this is one of the few means of earning a pittance until they can get their skills up enough to adequately earn or spend Linden. We all know it's a waste of time, but for many, it's part of becoming a resident.

Campers are a blight--I agree. But they fill a need. Those of us who are more sophisticated/wealthy/experienced may think them unnecessary but they beat other means of forcing new residents to earn money (ie. stripping, escorting, etc.)